Instructor Registration

Please include the best phone number to reach you. Your phone number will never be shared with anyone else.
You may choose to do a presentation at our Saturday meetings (~ 15-min on a specific topic) and/or teach a 45-minute class at a time listed below. You are welcome to teach multiple classes.
Please select the correct date from the drop-down menus below.
Please include a title for the 45-minute movement class you will teach.
Each Saturday during the month of May we will have a one-hour Zoom meeting beginning at 12:30 pm Pacific. Please select a specific topic (i.e., Pelvic Floor Exercises) for ~ 15-minutes of an interactive session. Also during this meeting someone will share their personal movement practice and an organization will do a presentation.
Ideally you can provide modifications for all movement participants. If you can, then choose the 2nd option. Otherwise, choose the option that best fits so that no participants feel “excluded.” Thanks.