January 2023

This is the kick-off for the May Movement Challenge (MMC) website. The inauguration of the MMC was May 2021. The idea came after a very successful presentation at the virtual Abilities Expo. I realized how powerful my online movement classes were for me — physically and emotionally — and I wanted to spread the word about the various opportunities which now exist due to COVID. I also wanted to share with able-bodied movement instructors the need for more adaptive/accessible movement classes. So, here are highlights from MMC 2021 and MMC 2022 (link coming soon).

Right now I encourage you to join the Facebook group where I frequently post online movement opportunities as soon as I hear about them.

If you’re an instructor and want to participate in MMC 2023, please email me at: Leslie@GlassHalfFull.online

By Leslie

I am Leslie Krongold, Ed.D. - Producer of the Glass Half Full Podcast, Blog, and YouTube Channel. I have myotonic muscular dystrophy and have been facilitating support groups for adults with neuromuscular disease, as well as those with other chronic health conditions, for 25 years.

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